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How to Tell If Your New Building Products Sales Rep Will Succeed or Fail

Every sales manager dreams of the pull-and-plug hire. You know, the one in which you pluck a top building products sales rep from your competition, and plug them (and their huge book of business) into your operation. Unfortunately, pull-and-plugs are fairly rare due to the simple fact that they are often happy at their current job. Read More…

Stop Hiring People Who Disappoint You

A bad hire is more than just frustrating — it’s costly. Bringing in an employee who turns out to be a poor fit will cost your company in unnecessary payroll, wasted time, and possibly even unhappy customers. Read More…

Well This Is Awkward: How to Talk About Money

The one thing that almost all hiring managers dread is the “money conversation.” It’s awkward, and it certainly isn’t dinner party small talk. Money isn’t the only reason people decide to accept a job offer, but it’s a huge part of nearly every candidate’s decision, so it’s worth figuring out how to address it in a way that feels more comfortable and positions you to extend a job offer that gets a resounding yes. Read More…

Digging Deeper with Behavioral and Situational Interview Questions

Last month we explored the early parts of the interview process—the questions for the first (preferably phone) interview that help you understand a candidate’s basic skills and knowledge. These functional-style questions help you narrow the field by eliminating those candidates who don’t possess the necessary experience for the job or simply aren’t the right fit for the company. Read More…

Beyond Strengths and Weaknesses

Successful hiring managers have mastered the art of determining candidates’ “hot points” and using that information to both determine if they are the right fit for the company and to position the job to make it appealing to them. And that starts with knowing the right interview questions to ask. My three favorite questions are surprisingly simple, but you will learn a tremendous amount. Read More…

Five Steps to Hire Better (and to Stop Wasting Time)

LET'S FACE IT: For most hiring managers, interviewing feels more like luck than a skill. It's easy to get fooled by a smooth talker or get so caught up in selling your organization or opportunity that you forget to dig deep into the candidates experience. Here are five steps to making the interview process fool-proof and productive. Read More…

Firing by Tweet Works for Trump, but It Would Be an HR Nightmare Anywhere Else

In President Trump's White House, getting the ax over social media is a very real possibility. After all, what’s off limits when the secretary of State’s ouster is announced via the @realdonaldtrump feed? Read More…

Having trouble finding great job applicants? It might be you

Are you struggling to find great hires? Are the applicants crossing your desk less than stellar? Sure, it’s easy to blame the tight labor market, and that certainly may be part of the reason. But it may also be you (or your company, at least). Read More…

How To Use Social Media To Recruit Top Talent

Social media doesn’t just have to be about oversharing vacation pictures or even publicizing an upcoming event at your business. It also offers us new ways to connect and new pathways to meet others. As such, social media platforms offer an effective tool to reach qualified candidates. Read More…

Signs Your Job Ad Stinks - And How To Make It Better

Job ads have been a staple for as long as companies have existed. It started with hanging a sign in the window (“Inquire Within”), then moved on to newspaper classifieds, then to online job boards, and, of course, social media… But just because you post a job ad doesn’t mean you’re going to get the results you want. Read More…

Great Hires Start With Clarity

Poor hires cost your business: lost payroll, wasted training (and wasted time as others cover), errors and mistakes, dissatisfied customers, to mention just a few. But despite popular thinking, combatting bad hires doesn’t start when you’re face-to-face with a potential recruit. It begins with upfront planning, a process that I call “Getting Clear.” Read More…

For your next employee, look beyond "Pale, Stale, and Male"

Better your business by trying one of these four ways to break the LBM hiring mold. Read More…

The Three Stages of Successful Hiring

Few things can change the trajectory of your LBM business more than figuring out how to find, hire, and keep great people. Bad hires can damage (if not destroy) customer relationships, your reputation, your market share, and your profitability. Great hires can deliver new customers, improve existing relationships, enhance your reputation, increase your market share, and deliver ROI and profitability—all while requiring less time and effort to manage. Read More…

Got fewer than 50 employees? Avoid using a headhunter

The unemployment rate in the United States reached 4.3% in the last unemployment report. It is the lowest it’s been in 16 years. For small businesses, hiring people with the necessary experience has only gotten more challenging. Read More…

How To Find and Hire The Right People Every Time

One in three small businesses have unfilled job openings due to a lack of qualified applicants, and 43% of small businesses say their growth is impeded because of this shortage. That's a loss of millions of dollars and huge, unimaginable amounts of stress that small business owners face. Read More…

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