Design + Deliver

We combine our expert level knowledge of recruiting for top executives in residential building products and your ideal hire profile to design a customized recruiting strategy that is guaranteed to identify and engage HiPo executive talent.

Design + Deliver

During this process, we develop:

The HiPo Hit List

A list of every high potential executive who meets your experience needs and at least three ways to contact them so we can ensure they learn about your opportunity and we get a yes, no, or not right now.

Recruiting Pitches

Your opportunity has never sounded so good, we pair your Tell & Sell with our experience sending tens of thousands of recruiting messages to ensure we send a message that is on point, engaging and most importantly gets responses.

Platforms + Posting

We design a custom promotion plan for your opportunity. Social Media, Job Boards, and Content Marketing all play a role in how we get your opportunity in front of your Ideal Hires.

Once we start hearing back from candidates, we use our SELL Interview methodology to ensure the candidate is not only qualified and interested but will fit into your culture.  During this call, we also gather key information about compensation packages and other details that matter when it comes to making a career change.  That way you’re not caught off guard or wasting time on people who are just “seeing what’s out there.”

We deliver qualified high potential candidates to you to interview.

We facilitate, advise, and consult as you conduct your initial interviews, ensuring that you feel confident and in control of the process. We maintain constant communication with the candidates who are in consideration to ensure we know if they are starting to get cold feet or have another opportunity that is moving towards offer.

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