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If you're the CEO or Private Equity Partner of a Residential Building Products company that is looking for a proven leader to help position their business for sale or scale, you are definitely in the right place.

Our Clients Are:

  • Residential Building Product Manufacturers or Distributors
  • Privately Held, often with Private Equity Investors
  • Annual Sales Revenues between $10 Million to $500 Million
  • Trying to position their business for scale or sale

Our Clients Want:

  • A proven leader with industry experience who can hit the ground running and quickly add profit to the bottom line.
  • Executives who have first-hand experience putting strategy into steps and can develop the best practices and infrastructure your business needs to continue to grow.
  • A proven Executive, who is ready to prove themselves in exchange for equity or a long-term incentive.

Our Clients Need:

  • Finding proven residential building product leaders.  There just aren't that many of them, and they aren't easy to find.
  • Being able to attract and keep the attention of the A-players they want.
  • No confidence in their internal resources to be able to find, engage, and ultimately hire best-in-class executive talent

You know there are proven building products executives out there… So why can’t your recruiters find them?

You want a proven executive who understands the building products world, KNOWS the difference between prosale and wholesale, 1-step and 2-step. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as posting a job ad.

We’ve found there are 3 main challenges for companies looking to find and hire proven building products executives to position their business for sale or scale.

Lack of Qualified Talent
Confidence + Control

You want to find a proven building products leader who can take your business to the next level, see the strategy and vision and put the steps in place to achieve your goals. But, there aren’t a lot of proven building products executives out there, in fact, they make up less than 1% of 1% of the Executives on LinkedIn. The inability to find leaders who understand the industry is costing you in missed opportunities and lost profit.

You want to hire best-in-class executives to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be, but you’re not sure you can afford the talent you want. But, you also know your business is poised for growth and you need to hire strong leaders. So you wonder, can I afford NOT to hire the best possible executive?

You don’t have confidence that your internal recruiting team can find and engage the talent you need. You're not hiring new executives every day, and your internal team doesn’t have the time, or frankly the need to build an employer brand that attracts A-player building product executives, and it’s hurting you because if you do happen to get the attention of a high potential building products executive you lose it, because they don’t see how working for your company could be the right next move in their career. But, you’ve been burned by headhunters in the past who talked a good game, but failed to deliver any meaningful results.

What You Need To Know

If you want to hire a proven building products executive, you need to know less than 1% of 1% of LinkedIn’s audience actually has the building products executive experience you’re looking for, and only 13% of those are active users you’re unlikely to find and connect with the executive you need using job boards and LinkedIn.

The executive talent you’re looking for isn’t on job boards and rarely checks LinkedIn. You have to go beyond the basics to engage the best.

So, how can you overcome these challenges to attract, engage, and hire best-in-class building products executives?

  • You need a compelling employer brand or story so when you get the attention of best-in-class building products leaders you don’t lose it 3 minutes later.
  • You need a proven system to ensure you’ve seen the best in the market, not just the ones on LinkedIn.
  • You need to know the exact number of qualified candidates in the market and have at least one contact method and ideally more than 2 ways to connect with them.
  • You need to create a compelling recruiting pitch that tells them about your organization & opportunity and sells them.
  • You need to have a plan to systematically reach out to them with your compelling recruiting pitches and keep following up with every one of them until you get a yes, no, or not right now answer.
  • Once you’ve identified your final candidates you need a process to thoroughly vet them, so you can be confident they can deliver the results you need.
  • You need to be willing to create a custom compensation package, that includes base salary, short & long-term incentives and the perks related to the work/life balance issues that really matter to your ideal hire.

Best-in-Class executives aren’t cheap, but few things in your business can deliver the 10x ROI in the first year that a great executive hire will. It’s worth the time, energy, and investment to get it right!

Just think, if the General Manager for a $15,000,000 business improved net profitability by only 1%, you’d have a 300% ROI on a $50,0000 placement fee. Few things in business can deliver the results that a strong leader can.

How does Building Gurus consistently attract, find, and engage best-in-class building products executives?

By using 24/7 inbound marketing technologies and cutting edge sourcing tools.

  • Strategic Content Marketing – We share helpful articles, videos, and audios to over 100,000 building product professionals every week.
  • Trade Journals –  Rikka’s articles appear in trade magazines like LBM Journal, ProSales, MasterConnect, and more.
  • Associations + Conferences –  Rikka is selected to speak at local, regional, and national conferences like KBIS and ProDealer Summit.
  • National News + Media Sites – Rikka’s advice has been featured on Fast Company, NFIB, AmEx Open Forum, CBS Small Business Pulse, Huffington Post, and more.
  • Longevity & Integrity We’ve been building relationships with building products executives since 2001. We believe being real and communicating frequently is the key to powerful partnership.   Our clients agree, which is why we have an over 96% client retention rate.
  • Value First Approach.  We reach out to targeted building products leaders every single day to introduce our company and see how we can help their career.  This value first approach means when we reach out about your opportunity they are much more likely to respond positively.
  • Techniques & Technologies. We use cutting edge tools and strategies to scale our outreach without losing the personal touch.

Learn How Building Gurus
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    Best-in-class executives aren't cheap. But, few things can deliver the same ROI as a great executive hire. Learn how our Recruiting ROI system will ensure you hire the best – without breaking the bank.

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    Less than 1% of 1% of executives on LinkedIn have the experience you want – learn how we go beyond LinkedIn to connect with best-in-class building products executives.

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    Take control back. Learn how our RROI System keeps you in control and in the know.


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