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If you're the CEO or Private Equity Partner of a Residential Building Products company that is looking for a proven leader to help position their business for sale or scale, you are definitely in the right place.

Most of our clients are:

  • Residential Building Product Manufacturers or Distributors
  • Privately Held, often with Private Equity Investors
  • Annual Sales Revenues between $10 Million to $500 Million
  • Trying to position their business for scale or sale

Most of our clients want:

  • A proven leader with industry experience who can hit the ground running and quickly add profit to the bottom line.
  • Executives who have first-hand experience putting strategy into steps and can develop the best practices and infrastructure your business needs to continue to grow.
  • A proven Executive, who is ready to prove themselves in exchange for equity or a long-term incentive.

The biggest challenges our clients face:

  • Finding proven residential building product leaders. ¬†There just aren't that many of them, and they aren't easy to find.
  • Being able to attract and keep the attention of the A-players they want.
  • No confidence in their internal resources to be able to find, engage, and ultimately hire best-in-class executive talent

Sound like you?   If you're ready to learn more about how we help companies like yours find and hire the best, schedule a free strategy session with Rikka below.

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