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Confidentiality is important. We will never share your information or resume with anyone without your permission. By registering with us you will be made aware of opportunities that will interest you, without having to publicly announce you’re looking or spending hours on LinkedIn.

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Please fill out the form completely as it helps us to identify the right opportunities for you quickly and easily. Each yes and no question tags you with the relevant experience in our database, so if you skip them all, it will simply reduce your chances of being identified as a fit to new opportunities.

Please be honest about how willing you are to make a change. It’s totally ok to be passive and only willing to leave for the ideal opportunity. It’s also ok to be anxious to move on. Just let us know!


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We work exclusively in the building products and building materials industry. If you don’t have sales or leadership experience in this industry it’s unlikely we will be able to help you find your next role. Our clients work with us because of our focus and it’s unusual for them to consider someone without success in the industry.

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