About Building Gurus

Building Gurus is a small, but powerful executive search and consulting firm that works exclusively with building product manufacturers and distributors. We partner with our clients to turn potential into profits through people. We do this through our search, advisory, and assessment services.

But, Building Gurus isn’t your typical building products recruiting firm. We weren’t founded by an “old white guy” who decided to turn his Rolodex into a recruiting firm.

Building Gurus is:

  • Woman-owned (state-certified, if you're into that sort of thing)
  • Xennial-owned (that means we’re fluent in Millenial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer, we know you’re into that sort of thing…)
  • We’re digital natives (that means we barely remember life before the internet…)
    But, our founder also grew up on a farm in North Dakota and raised chickens, pigs, and horses in a big red barn.

So, if you want a firm that pairs Midwest honesty and work ethic with cutting edge technology to help you find and hire the best executive talent for your openings, we’re the firm for you.

We use the the following strategies so we when you start a search, we can deliver best-in-class executives, fast.

Strategic Content Marketing

We share helpful articles, videos, and audios to over 100,000 building product professionals every week.

Trade Journals

Rikka’s articles appear in trade magazines like LBM Journal, ProSales, MasterConnect, and more.

Associates + Conferences

Rikka is selected to speak at local, regional, and national conferences like KBIS and ProDealer Summit.

National News + Media Sites

Rikka’s advice has been featured on Fast Company, NFIB, AmEx Open Forum, CBS Small Business Pulse, Huffington Post, and more.

Longevity + Integrity

We’ve been building relationships with building products executives since 2001. We believe being real and communicating frequently is the key to powerful partnership. Our clients agree, which is why we have an over 96% client retention rate.

Value First Approach

We reach out to targeted building products leaders every single day to introduce our company and see how we can help their career. This value first approach means when we reach out about your opportunity they are much more likely to respond positively.

  • Guru Webinars – free webinars with building product experts that provide actionable advice to improve your business. (Think Craig Webb Editor in Chief of ProSales and Remodeler, Scott Ericson of Wheelhouse 20/20, and Michael Collins of Building Industry Advisors.
  • Free Trainings – from writing great job ads, networking like a recruiter, interviewing, and even firing advice we provide free mini courses to help you hire better (without paying a fee.)


Techniques + Technologies

We use cutting edge tools and strategies to scale our outreach without losing the personal touch.

Performance Based Fee Structure

We put our money where our mouth is. Our engaged search fee agreement has a flat engagement fee and over 75% of the fee isn’t due until after your new hire starts.

We Back Our Work

We back our placements with a 4-6 month performance guarantee.

About Rikka Brandon

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But, if you want someone who’s still using a fax machine and actually has a Rolodex, you’re in the wrong place (and possibly the wrong decade.)

But, our unusual approach to Executive Search doesn’t stop there. We believe in educating and empowering the industry and our clients about how they can attract, recruit, and select the best possible talent for their openings – without having to pay a fee.

Our goal is to empower you to hire the best talent you can with your in-house resources and team for your under $100K roles.

When a position is crucial enough to cross the six-figure threshold, it’s important enough to your business to be sure you get it right.

Engaged Executive Search

We aren’t right for every client or every search, in fact we’ve intentionally narrowed our focus to executive, general management, and sales leadership roles in the building products industry with a base of over $100K.
This narrow focus means we have already identified over 90% of the potential executives in the market and are actively connecting, engaging, and nurturing them. We use 24/7 inbound marketing technologies and cutting edge sourcing tools to ensure we can find, connect, and engage with the best talent for your executive hire. Including the ones that aren’t on LinkedIn.

Learn more about our working with us on your next executive search here.

But, we get it. Not every search requires (or can justify) a 25% placement fee. For those situations, we offer customized consulting and advisory packages.

Consulting + Advisory Packages

If you’re struggling to attract, recruit, and hire for roles under $100K, we can Assess and Advise you to help you develop the in-house resources that will ensure you can consistently hire the best talent for your openings.

If you have multiple decision makers or just aren’t sure exactly what you need from your next hire, you may benefit from a Clarity Conversation, a simple one-hour call that let’s you “pick the brain” of a hiring expert and building products recruiter for under $1000. It’s quick, but powerful.

When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly it will have a direct impact on your business’ bottom line.  When implemented correctly, you’ll avoid bad hires, reduce learning curve, and decrease turnover.  This patented process allows the job to talk, so you can focus on what the job needs.  This process removes the need to have a top performer to assess and build the benchmark from.  It is developed by people who “get” the job and understand what it will really take to succeed.  Job Benchmarking can be done in an afternoon and change how you hire for the position – forever.

Want your business to succeed long after you’re gone?  Succession Planning can feel overwhelming, but with the right guide it can be empowering and exciting.  If you’ve built a business and you want it to thrive long after you’re gone you need to have a plan.  As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.  Don’t plan for your business to fail because you’re “too busy” to plan for it’s future.

Assessments Over the years, we’ve worked with nearly every kind of pre-employment assessment there is. We see value in many of them but we decide to partner with TTI.   TTI is used by over 100,000 people-first companies and has an approach or assessment to nearly every recruiting, retention, and engagement challenge faced by businesses.    Typically, our assessment services are only available to search or consulting clients.  If you are interested in using assessments in your business, feel free to check out the assessments we work with and if you see something you’d like to learn more about connect with us.