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About Us

Building Gurus is a boutique executive search and recruitment consulting firm that works exclusively with building product manufacturers and distributors. We partner with our clients to turn potential into profits through people. We do this through our engaged search, consulting, and assessment services.

We’ve been recruiting exclusively in the building products space since 2001. We’ve worked with the giants of the industry, but we’ve found our favorite clients tend to be privately owned. We’re proud to say we rarely lose a client and many have been working with us for over a decade.

  • Woman-owned (state-certified, if you're into that sort of thing)
  • Xennial-owned (that means we’re fluent in Millennial, Gen X, and Baby Boomer, we know you’re into that sort of thing…)
  • We’re digital natives (that means we barely remember life before the internet…)
  • But our founder also grew up on a farm in North Dakota and raised chickens, pigs, and horses in a big red barn.
So if you want a firm that pairs Midwest honesty and work ethic with cutting-edge technology to help you find and hire the best sales, management and executive talent for your “must-get-right” openings, we’re the firm for you.

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Are We

Right For You?

We aren’t right for every client or every search, in fact we’ve intentionally narrowed our focus to sales, management, emerging leaders, and executive roles in the building products industry. Because of this, when you start a search with us, we’re able to hit the ground running and deliver the candidates you need in weeks, not months.

This narrow focus means we have already identified over 90% of the potential talent in the market and are actively connecting, engaging, and nurturing them. We use 24/7 inbound marketing technologies and cutting edge sourcing tools to ensure we can find, connect, and engage with the best talent for your key hire. Including the ones that aren’t on LinkedIn.

We prefer to build long term recruiting partnerships with our clients, so if you’re looking for someone to throw resumes at the wall, we’re not the right firm for you. Our goal is to give you 3-7 qualified candidates to choose from, the top 1% of the market in most cases.

Our Services

Engaged Search

Engaged search is the best of both worlds of search.


Our consulting services empower your organization.


We can help you select and develop your team.

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The Building Gurus Difference

You’re probably wondering how we can deliver candidates that your in-house or current recruiting partner hasn’t been able to. Hiring great talent is a key part of your business, but it’s the reason we’re in business. We invest in tools, technology, and resources to ensure we’ve always got the best “inventory” of talent at our fingertips. Building world-class best practices and an employer brand that gets and keeps the attention of A-players is key to our success. When you hire us, you immediately benefit from the years we’ve spent building our brand and relationships with sales, managers, and leaders in the building products industry.

Here are just a few strategies we use to ensure we can deliver best-in-class building products sales, manager, and executive level talent fast:



Rikka’s articles appear in trade magazines like LBM Journal, ProSales, Remodeling, and more.



Rikka’s advice has been featured on Fast Company, NFIB, AmEx Open Forum, CBS Small Business Pulse, Huffington Post, and more.



Rikka is selected to speak at local, regional, and national conferences like KBIS and ProDealer Summit.



We share helpful articles, videos, and audios about how to hire, how to get hired, and how to get better results to over 100,000 building product professionals every month.



We reach out to targeted building products leaders every single day to introduce our company and see how we can help their career. This value first approach means when we reach out about your opportunity they are much more likely to respond positively.



We’ve been building relationships with building products professionals since 2001. We believe being real and communicating frequently is the key to powerful partnership. Our clients agree, which is why we have an over 96% client retention rate.

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  • You get high energy, knowledgeable recruiters, who know not only the industry, but have a very good handle on the overall business climate.

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    HR LeaderBuilding Products Manufacturer + Distributor
  • She was very fast in providing us with qualified candidates that we were able to interview in a very timely manner. Listens to what our needs are and establishes a search to meet those needs. Aggressive and follows through. We like her checking in with the placement a few months after the actual placement. Thank you for doing that.

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    StephenBuilding Products Manufacturer
  • I would highly recommend Building Guru's for their commitment, expertise and integrity! Rikka and her team have far surpassed my expectations. It has been a delight to work with them! My experience in working with an entrepreneurial company is that they pay more attention to customer needs, building relationships and meeting expectations. Building Gurus demonstrated this over and over again.

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    MargeVP of Human Resources, Building Product Manufacturer + Distributor
  • Rikka Brandon is a fantastic resource! We call her for the really hard ones and 9 times out of 10 we get a winner. We especially like the fact that she is real. She hits it hard from the start and doesn't quit until she’s exhausted every possibility. If she can’t find what we need – she tells us straight away rather than stringing the search along. Rikka is extremely energetic and enthusiastic (think Energizer Bunny). She gets the job done and it’s fun along the way. Fun to deal with, strives for immediate results, keeps us updated constantly. They are unique to our industry and know the lingo. We have also been working together long enough that they know our culture and really care about finding the right person.

    Read More
    Doug S.VP of Human Resources, Building Product Manufacturer + Distributor
  • I highly recommend Rikka to lead your search. I feel she has an innate talent of putting a candidate and client together.

    Read More
    RyanRegional Director, Building Products Manufacturer
  • I found Rikka to be refreshingly honest and her strong communication skills made my experience anxiety free. Rikka is a true professional.

    Read More
    TerryBranch Manager, Building Products Distributor
  • Rikka is the best recruiter I have had the opportunity to work with. She is direct, provides constant feedback, and is very competent. Working with her has been a refreshing experience. I highly recommend her.

    Read More
    ChrisDirector, Building Products Manufacturer
  • I think there are really two questions, the Why? And the What? The Why is simple. If you want to hire an exceptional candidate, in the shortest period of time, and at a reasonable fee schedule, you call Building Gurus. As for the What, you get high energy, knowledgeable recruiters, who know not only the industry, but have a good handle on the overall business climate. They help you better define your needs, make sure they understand those needs, and test for a common understanding. Why is this important? Because, I have had many recruiters that served up candidates that didn’t even remotely fit my expectations. Timely feedback, both good and bad is critical, and Building Gurus should be the industry’s benchmark in client communications. And follow up—yes they check often to see if I, their customer am satisfied both with the service provided and the candidate delivered.

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    JimVP of Strategy, Building Products Manufacturer
  • You rock, simply because you communicate consistently and continuously.

    Read More
    HR ManagerLumber + Building Materials Distribution
  • Building Gurus has been a wonderful business partner. Rikka and her team have far surpassed my expectations. It has been a delight to work with them… and we have hired a number of great people!

    Read More
    National Talent Acquisition ManagerNational Plumbing Distributor
  • You listen to what I need, educate me on what is possible and develop a recruiting plan to find the best person. And you're FAST!

    Read More
    General ManagerBuilding Products Manufacturer
  • We are quite happy with the results Rikka was able to provide. She listens well and does her homework regarding the search. She was extremely fast in providing us with qualified candidates that we were able to quickly interview. She is very professional and well organized. Follows through in all aspects and is attentive to our opinions even after the placement. We are quite happy with Rikka and the results of her search and placement.

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    General ManagerArchitectural Building Products Manufacturer
  • I appreciate your hard work, looks like we have some strong candidates coming in again next week!

    Read More
    General ManagerBuilding Products Distributor
  • You have an uncanny ability to tap into the competition without leaving the sense that you are “stealing” our competitor’s employees away!

    Read More
    Human Resources SupervisorBuilding Products Manufacturer + Distributor
  • You are the only recruiting firm we use… we've never had a need for anyone else!

    Read More
    HR ManagerBuilding Products Manufacturer
  • Building Gurus has been wonderful to work with. They are always very thorough in their approach to understanding the position requirements and learning about the specific needs of our company. Their follow up on candidates they've spoken with is timely and accurate.

    Read More
    MattVice President of People, Garage Door Manufacturer
  • Fun to deal with, strive for immediate results, keep us updated constantly. There seems to be a trust; that is, they share the candidates freely and trust that we will do the right thing. Rikka Brandon and the Building Gurus team have been an exception business partner in our nation-wide recruiting initiatives. I would highly recommend Building Gurus services for the following reasons: 1. Experts in the Building Materials Industry 2. Ability and effectiveness to conduct nation-wide searches 3. Continual communication on each search regarding needs, applicant fit, and meeting recruiting timeframes 4. The commitment to build customer relationships in order to fulfill their customer needs. Thanks Rikka. You have now set the bar for the service level we know we can expect from Building Gurus! Thanks for the help on this one, it should make my life a little easier.

    Read More
    Director of Human ResourcesWindow + Door Manufacturer
  • I appreciate you and all your team’s great work this year helping us search for the “almost impossible”.

    Read More
    Sales ManagerWindow + Door Manufacturer
  • You are unique to our industry and know the lingo. We have been working together long enough that you understand our culture and really seem to care about finding the right person for our company.

    Read More
    DougVP of Human Resources, Door + Hardware Manufacturer + Distributor
  • I would highly recommend Rikka because of her attention to detail and commitment to you as a client. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Rikka and it was a very pleasurable experience due to her focused approach to both the candidate and the employer. Rikka is a true professional that communicates with her clients very efficiently and effectively. She has great established relationships in the building materials industry.

    Read More
    ScottLocation Leader, Lumber + Building Materials Distributor
  • I have worked with Rikka as candidate and an employer. On both sides of the equation, I found her to be honest and direct, thorough and prepared and to work with a sense of urgency to complete the assignment. She always presented qualified candidates and did not waste time selling a candidate when the chemistry was not correct. Rikka produced quality candidates quickly.

    Read More
    GlenRegional Manager, Installed Sales + Building Products Distributor


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