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Are you a Building Products Hiring Manager struggling to find the executive talent you need?

  • Are you starting to wonder if the executive talent you need actually even exists?
  • Are you sick of your business having potential and you’re ready for greater profits?
  • Do you want the white-glove level of retained search, but with a pay-for-performance fee structure?

Are you a Building Products Leader who’s open to the right opportunities?

  • Are you curious about what 100K+ roles are out there, but require confidentiality?
  • Starting to wonder if you’re under-paid (or under-valued) in your current role?
  • Are you looking for a strong base salary and pay-for-performance, maybe even an equity stake?

Why Building Gurus?

You want a proven executive who understands your industry, understands the difference between prosales and wholesale, 1-step and 2-step (and that 1-step and 2-step mean different things to different companies).

You want someone who can hit the ground running and achieve the goals you have for your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You want them confident in the value of their expertise, but more confident about their ability to deliver results and are willing to have a large chunk, if not the majority of their compensation be pay-for performance.

We think you should look for the same traits when choosing an executive recruiting partner.

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We’ve been in the industry since 2001.
Enjoyed the boom and survived the bust.
We’ve placed thousands of building product professionals.
We understand the value of our expertise, but we believe true ROI comes from results.

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Why Engaged Executive Search?

You’ve probably heard of contingency search and retained executive search. Contingency is the “straight commission” approach to recruiting, it’s entirely dependent on the recruiting finding someone you feel is worth hiring and paying the 20-25% fee for. Retained executive search is its complete opposite. You’re paying almost the entire fee (33% typically) with very little guarantee of success.

You know that the caliber of talent you can attract for a straight commission position is different than the talent you can attract for a position with a base salary and a strong pay-for-performance aspect. It’s the same way with recruiters. Sure, you can probably find someone to “take a crack at it” on a contingency basis. But, you’re getting a way different caliber of expertise and service when you have some skin in the game.

Engaged search is the best of both worlds. You’re getting access to proven performers who know how to get it done, but the vast majority of the fee is based on results.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We work exclusively with building product or building material manufacturers or distributors to find $100K+ executive and leadership roles. Our favorite searches involve profit and loss accountability or high level sales and marketing leadership.

We’ve Placed

General Managers
Regional Managers (VP level positions)
Division Managers
Site Leaders
Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Marketing
Director of Business Development
Director of Sales
Regional Sales Manager / Director
National Accounts Sales Manager
Sales Managers
Marketing Managers
Channel Sales Manager
Sales Reps / Account Managers
Technical Sales Representatives
Product Specialist / Manager

We are comfortable on a pay for performance schedule, but also respect and value our time and expertise. You pay an upfront engagement fee to secure our focus. When we deliver the right person, the remainder of the placement fee is due.

Typically, the entire placement fee is 25% of the expected first year’s compensation. The engagement fee is required to start the search ranges from $7500 to ¼ of the anticipated fee.

For example:
$175,000 position ($140,000 base with $35,000 in incentive compensation likely to be earned)
● Anticipated total fee of $43,750
● Engagement fee would range from $7500 to $10,937.50

It would likely break down to:
Engagement Fee: $7500 (Flat engagement fee, unless search is unusually challenging)
Placement Fee: $36,250 ($43,750 – $7500 = $36,250)
Total Cost: $43,750.00 (25% of the expected compensation)

So, a $160,000 package would have a $40,000 total cost, and a $200,000 package would have a $50,000 total cost.

We worked on a contingency basis for over 10 years and enjoyed a great deal of success. However, we found that many searches went on hold in the final stages. This lead to the necessary business decision to invest less and less time, energy, and resources into contingency searches because the profit margin was very low. Doing the bare minimum required and hoping it pays off isn’t a recruiting strategy that felt right to our founder, so we decided to stop working on a contingency basis so we could focus on clients who truly wanted a recruiting partner and understood the investments required for training and tools to deliver best-in-class candidates.
Unfortunately, this question is not easily answered. Of course, we would like all searches to close with all parties completely satisfied in days. As with most things, many factors come into play that can make or break a search’s timeframe; compensation, location, requirements, re-location factors, hiring manager’s availability, etc.

We strongly encourage you NOT to start a search with us until you are ready to GO!

Our style and approach is built for a 60 day sprint, not 6 month marathon.

An ideal quick search has several distinguishing characteristics:

  •     Sense of urgency from the client
  •     Competitive compensation structure
  •     Realistic expectations
  •     Prompt and helpful communication from the decision makers
  •     A swift interviewing and selection process, without unnecessary delays
  •     Overall desire to locate and hire the best possible candidate
  •     Working as a team with the recruiter

Searches that meet this criteria can be interviewing candidates 3 weeks from the start of the search and onboarding their new hire in 6 weeks.

There are also many factors that can prolong searches:

  •     Poor communication or lack of feedback from busy decision makers
  •     Compensation structure isn't competitive in the current market
  •     Reputation issues that the company or manager may have in the market
  •     Job description that gets changed mid-stream
  •     Lack of urgency to schedule interviews or fill the position

Searches that have this criteria can drag on for months.  It’s hard to keep the high performer executives you’re considering for the role interested during long delays between interviews and a perceived lack of urgency from the hiring company.  It’s not good for your brand or ours if it takes you months to move a candidate through the selection process.

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Are We Right For You?
Is Building Gurus Right For You?

Our Clients are the CEOs, Executives, Private Equity Partners, and Board Members of privately held, often private equity backed building product companies doing $10 Million to $1 Billion in sales who have big ambitions for their businesses and need proven executives who can position their business for scale or sale. They don't want to waste time on anything less than the very best.


Our Candidates are the best C-level, Executive, Emerging Leaders, and Sales Leaders in Building Products. These elite professionals are earning between $150,000 and $1,000,000 annually. They are actively employed and only interested in positions with a strong base salary and both short and long-term opportunities to profit from their performance via pay-for-performance pay structures.


Learn More About Our
4-Step Search Process

Recruiting ROI

Best-in-class executives aren’t cheap, but few things in your business can deliver the 10x ROI in the first year that a great executive hire will. It’s worth the time, energy, and investment to get it right! Each stage of our Double ROI search process was designed to ensure your investment in us and in your new hire was one of the best investments you'll make.


Our search process starts with a kick off call to help us understand your business and culture. Then we dig into the opportunity. We can even use a patented job benchmarking process to set you up for success.


We combine your ideal hire profile and our expert-level knowledge of recruiting for top executives in building products to design your customized executive recruiting strategy that delivers best-in-class executives.


We’ll identify and review hundreds of people and profiles, conduct in-depth interviews and ultimately present the top 1% of the market so you can choose your new executive with confidence.


We want your new executive to succeed, this is when the focus shifts from recruiting to retaining. We rarely get it wrong (in fact, it’s been over a decade), but if we do you’re covered by our guarantee.

Here's What They Have to Say
About Building Gurus

  • You get high energy, knowledgeable recruiters, who know not only the industry, but have a very good handle on the business climate.

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    Jim P. Lumber & Interior Building Products
  • Rikka is one of the most professional recruiters in the business. Her firm works tirelessly and sets the standard on service. I highly recommend them.

    brian-reid-headshot Home
    Brian R. Exterior Building Products
  • Building Gurus is honest, direct, thorough, and prepared to work with a sense of urgency to produce the highest quality candidates quickly.

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    Glen K. Siding & Exteriors Manufacturer

If you're the CEO or Private Equity Partner of a Residential Building Products company that is looking for a proven leader to help position their business for sale or scale, you are definitely in the right place.