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Problem Finding The Executive You Need?

  • Frustrated By The Lack of Qualified Talent?
  • Not Sure You Can Afford The Level Of Talent You Need?
  • Losing confidence in your current recruiting process?

Are You An Executive Who's Looking For More?

  • Are you tired of being “groomed” and you're ready for the opportunity to prove you can get it done?
  • Are you ready for an equity opportunity?
  • Are you happily employed…but, curious about what else might be out there?

We Are Building Gurus

Our clients are the CEO's, Executives, Private Equity Partners, and Board Members of privately held, often private equity backed residential building product companies doing $10 Million to $1 Billion in sales who have big ambitions for their businesses and need proven executives who can position their business for scale or sale.

Our candidates are the best C-level, Executive, Emerging Leaders, and Sales Leaders in Building Products.  These elite professionals are earning between $150,000 and $1,000,000 annually.  They are actively employed and only interested in positions with a strong base salary and both short and long-term opportunities to profit from their performance via pay-for-performance pay structures.

Our 4-stage Double ROI recruiting system ensures that our clients know exactly how many people in the market meet their search criteria and our research process ensures we can connect with 97% of the talent in the market – ensuring we can make the best match for our clients and our candidates.

Our 4-Stage Recruiting Process – Recruiting Return On Investment  

Best-in-class executives aren’t cheap, but few things in your business can deliver the 10x ROI in the first year that a great executive hire will.  It’s worth the time, energy, and investment to get it right!  Each stage of our Double ROI search process was designed to ensure your investment in us and in your new hire was one of the best investments you'll make. 

Scope + Specs

We initiate our search process, by getting to know our clients and their organization so deeply that we can identify and secure the best building products executive candidates for their organization and opportunity.

Design + Deliver

We combine our expert- level knowledge of recruiting for top executives in residential building products and your ideal hire profile to design a customized recruiting strategy guaranteed to identify and engage the executive talent you need.

Vet + Validate

Once you've identified your final candidates we dive deep and verify everything we’ve learned during the process so far using 360-degree reference checks, background checks and psychometric assessments. 

Welcome + Warranty

Once you’ve found the one, we help ensure your new hire is a success.  Plus, just as you guarantee your products, we stand behind our process and guarantee our placements for a full year.

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What People Are Saying

“You get high energy, knowledgeable recruiters, who know  not only the industry, but have a very good handle on the overall business climate.”

Jim, Lumber & Interior Building Products

“Rikka provided me with a “refreshing” experience when dealing with a recruiter.  “Rikka receives an “A” in my book, when it comes to matching the right candidate to the right opportunity.  Happy to refer buildinggurus.com for years to come.  Thanks Rikka!”

Jim, Siding & Exterior Building Products Manufacturer

“Within minutes of our first conversation, I immediately knew that Building Gurus had done their homework and cared about making a great employment match.  Everything Building Gurus promised, they delivered.”

Ric, Building Products Distributor

“I highly recommend Rikka to lead your search.  I feel she has an innate talent of putting a candidate and client together.”

Ryan, Building Product Distributor

“I found Rikka to be refreshingly honest and her strong communication skills made my experience anxiety free.  Rikka is a true professional.”

Terry, Siding & Exterior Building Products Manufacturer

“Rikka is the best recruiter I have had the opportunity to work with.  She is direct, provides constant feedback,and is very competent.  Working with her has been a refreshing experience.  I highly recommend her.”

Chris, Wholesale Plumbing Distributor